Success comes from good candidates and the best strategy. Below are our accomplishments from 2018. Imagine what we could do for you.



Alexander Castagno had every obstacle to overcome when running for Senate District 9. With no name recognition, 26 years old, running under a new political party, and limited funds, exeptional strategy led to a third of the total electorate.

Historically, a fully funded Democrat receives the same amount of votes in this district.

Candidates spend an average of $4+ per vote. Alexander's cost per vote is unheard of, meaning, good strategy is even more important than outspending the opponent.

the Civolicy Difference

  • We have passion - Like you, we want meaningful change in our community and we know what it takes to get there.

  • Strategy that works - Our numbers prove that you can break away from the political status quo.

  • Making every dollar count - We will give you the fairest price and work tirelessly to make your investment of time and money turn into success.

  • We don't cater to only one party - Most if not all political strategy groups will only work with you if you fit the extreme conservative or liberal mold. Not us. 

  • The future in mind - Times are changing fast and we have the latest methods of political campaigning.

  • Our victory together is a victory for political freedom - Civolicy is on your side and will be your advocate.

Our History


Civolicy started in 2017 as a grassroots advocacy organization to work on issues that the community wanted to see changed. Our work was previously focused on suicide prevention policy and local business freedoms for distilleries and breweries. Our efforts have included city and state lobbying, policy creation, state coalition work, committee testifying, and more. Civolicy has been interviewed by local news outlets and media sources for our involvement in the community.

Alexander Castagno is President of Civolicy, former State Senate candidate, and is a registered lobbyist in Utah. Alexander comes from an immigrant family that migrated from Brazil. While living in Brazil, Alexander witnessed the unfortunate circumstances the citizens found themselves in because of a government that was full of self interested bureaucrats. He vowed to do all that he could to make sure his own home would not turn out the same. He has a passion for politics and for the involvement of his fellow state citizens in local politics. Alexander has served in the Governor's Office, and he has also served for a member of the United States Congress. During these experiences, Alexander met advocacy specialists and gained valuable knowledge on how to pursue his own advocacy efforts. Alexander has a Master's degree from George Washington University in Political Management and a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Utah.


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