Terms of Use

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01.Intellectual Property

The content on this site is protected by United States copyright law. Any use of content for commercial use is prohibited. You may link to this site, copy or share content, as long as it is for educational or research use. Civolicy must be credited when content is shared or copied.

Comments made on discussion boards may be used by Civolicy in research publications, issue discussions, and any efforts that may help Civolicy advance its efforts. By commenting on these boards, you agree to this use. If you would like your name to be used, or to be made anonymous, please email us at info@civolicy.org

From time to time, polls will be posted wherein individuals may take. Civolicy maintains the right to release polling results, and will not disclose the personal information of those who respond. Civolicy may disclose general demographic information of those that take polls, for the purpose of research and examination.


02.Online Conduct

This site allows comment boards and discussion on various topics. Comments must be civil, free of profanity, and not derogatory or sexual explicit in any way. Comments may not be harassing of any other commentator. The purpose of comment boards are to have a civil and intellectual conversation. Civolicy maintains the right to delete any comments that are in violation of these rules and may ban the user from future comments. 

03.Payments & Donations

Payments made to Civolicy will be used in accordance to the agreement made between Civolicy and the client. Civolicy will only charge for the amount specified by the agreement. If your card is declined or funds are insufficient, Civolicy holds the right to collect any fees that may occur because of the failed transaction.

If you are a monthly donor, you may cancel your monthly contribution at anytime by emailing info@civolicy.org

If you dispute the charges on your card from Civolicy without emailing us with your cancellation notice, Civolicy reserves the right to collect any funds resulting in bank fees, legal/attorney fees, or any other damages incurred.


Civolicy reserves the right to change these terms at anytime and advises users to check back from time to time for updates.

Updated 11/27/2018


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